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About Shaz

I am Shahzad Muhammad and I welcome you to my blog. Hope you doing well.

Well I am professional Graphics, Web Designer and Digital Marketer with 20 years of great experience in the same and currently working as Project Manager (eCommerce and Digital Marketing) in Jeddah, city of Saudi Arabia KSA.

Idea of this blog is simple, I would like to share my knowledge and life experiences with others.

If you would like to have a nice career in design and digital marketing field and need any assistance from my side, I can advise as good as I can and wishing you to reach your goal and success. If my knowledge can change someone life then I would be happy.


I finished my academic study in 1994, I was good in drawing and art in my school-days, so I wish to have career in same industry. I found some 3D animation courses and started to learn basics.

It was great experience of learning and I enjoyed because it was my passion and if you learn and do what you love, then no one can stop your success, it’s my belief.

After completed few design courses, I approached media and TV channel companies and work for them as a junior freelance designer, but I face lot of problems because I was just fresh junior designer without any professional experience, It was so hard to manage the design quality as their requirements.

My graphics teacher advised me to teach others, so in that case I can earn extra money and experience.

Idea was good and I joined the same Institute as junior graphics teacher and start teach courses to other new students. In that period I saved money for learn new courses and by teaching others I became more perfect in those design software.

After around 1 year of teaching job, I started my own graphics institute with few computers and run that business as senior teacher. In 3 years of period I completed many students.

In Sep 1998, I decided to travel Dubai UAE for find more career opportunity in the same and started my professional career in advertising company as junior 2D and 3D designer.

From Sep 1998 till start of 2019 I was in Dubai in same field, joined several companies time to time such as advertising, creative agency, marketing, real estate, consumer electronics, and media companies and got a lot of experience in design, web and digital marketing.

Started my own company in Dubai and started business for web services, but due to lack of funds, political crises and recession I was not able to survive with big expenses so I decided to close and continue same as employee.

In my professional career I face many up and down, best time and worst time and that’s normal in the life. I achieved lot of success and learn from failure too, but I never give up.

In June 2019, I got job offer from Jeddah, Saudi Arabia and July 10th 2019 I travel to Jeddah KSA and currently working as Project Manager (Online and Design).


There is big percentage of people worldwide lose their jobs because market trend is keep changing, knowledge and learning become more expensive day by day, some people can afford to learn good in institutes but some could not afford, off course its Internet world and everyone can google it and view tutorial videos on YouTube and gain knowledge.

I am just trying my best to pass my knowledge to others wherever possible by digital channels and doing purely my part to help others through my experience.

World becoming more digital now, old fashion traditional marketing, TV ads, newspaper ads not working as before 100%.

Everyone thinking for digital and looking for digital marketing, creative designs, social media, google ads etc.. so if you connect the same from now, you can make your own startup and earn good in the end. Simple

In short my career started with teaching and I thought why not I can teach people worldwide through my blog, so I decided to start.


I am looking forward to write more and more blog on this site so others can read and gain their knowledge and experience, my site goal is simple. I can’t help and change the whole world, but through my blog if only 1% readers can take the advantage even and got success so it will be my success and that’s my goal.

If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

All the best in your career path and happy life.

About Shaz 2

Shahzad Muhammad
Senior Graphics, Web Design, and Digital Marketer

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10 thoughts on “About Shaz

  1. Hello Mohammed,you have quite a story here and I must say that it is very good to see that with all your experience, you still want to lend a helping hand to others. That’s a very selfless thing to do I must say and I hope that God will really bless you for that. I can’t wait to see all the great content that you have in store for us. Thank you for this awesome site. I wish you the best and more success.

    1. Thank you Henderson, i wish i could help all around me through my design and digital experience, i will do my best to produce the good and educated content for helping others off course.. i cannot change the world but just trying to help other through my content,,,, if 1% i could make change around me i will feel i got the reason of my life :) 

  2. Truly jobs are being lost by the day because of the lack of information about certain things and it’s quite sad to see these people suffer because of lack of information or knowledge about some really small things. I have had issues with my work because I couldn’t match up the standard or rate at which the market was going and i had a hard time covering up. I hope to learn more from your site

    1. Dear Benson, i like not only your comments but i really like your emotions which you describe truly with your write-up and believe me this type of public interest making me more motivate, i really wish to help around me off course not by money :) he he .. but through my knowledge and experience from design and digital side… this blog i just started with about my introduction but really i have a lot of ideas of design, digital and how people can create their online business at home with low cost digitally ,,, i am planing to show all through my upcoming blogs and articles step by step… so people can get benefit through my experience … hope for the best and keep in touch c yaa best of luck in your life and career..

  3. hello Shahzad Muhammad;

    I am very happy to come across your article.

    I am a draftsman and father of two girls; the elder has the same gift as me and the same passion. I always wanted to do in comics and she in 3D animation.

    I will subscribe to not miss anything of your next publications hoping to find there a helping hand to realize the dreams of my child.

    1. hello dear first of all thanks for like my story, 2nd its good that you are in similar field and happy that you are father of two girls … its blessing from GOD to you… really…. its good that they are same fields as yours and yes 3d animation is very vast and big field i like very much,,, i started my study with 3d animation but when i visited first time out of town in Dubai, i joined the design and web company and forgot all 3d after that LOL and became expert in creative design, print media and web industry… also i work a lot on d animation earlier on adobe flash animation part…

      i wish you and your daughters having good future because creative people not rely on just money but on their creativity and art… and its demand able worldwide..

      wish you best of luck and keep in touch…best regards, shaz

  4. Hi Shahzad Muhammad,

    I really liked reading your life story. I would have liked to study graphic design. I congratulate you for all the studies and work done. 

    As I have had better times and others not so much. I think we don’t know what we’ll find around the corner. Through reading your website you can surely help many interested readers with your experience. 

    Thank you very much!

    1. dear Cladio, thanks for like and read my story :) appreciated … yes it was long journey and study almost 20 years spent in Dubai with same design and digital field,,, and now swimming in eCommerce and digital marketing career, working as project manager online in Saudi Arabia :) finally…

      my goal is simple write write and write… :) whatever i have in mind i want to write .. whatever knowledge i have i want to write and others can have benefit with that :) reason of life not money but success and other make success through me .. i wish best of luck myself and you :) hehe

  5. Hello Mohammed, It is a good thing to have you here. I like the fact that you are out here to help those that really need your help. That’s very good in my own opinion. I see that you have some very great experience in digital space and you have learnt this in a couple of countries. I will be glad to learn from you as well. Thanks

    1. Thanks John for your nice comments, i will surely do all my best to help others around me and internationally through my digital channels, hope for the best and good luck to you.. regards, shaz

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